People of Curiaistan

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This is a list of famous people in Curiaistan.


[edit] Political Figures

Sarah Quent. Former President, in hospital recovering from injuries sustained in a helicopter crash.

Paul Layde. Former aide to Sarah Quent, sacked in disgrace.

Jenni Bowter. Aide to Sarah Quent. Whereabouts unknown.

Rachel. PA to Sarah Quent. Whereabouts unknown.

Michelle. Former PA to Sarah Quent and died of Anthrax poisoning.

Tori Smuk. Leader of the Liberal Party and Majority Leader in the Senate. Killed in a car crash.

Lacky. Generic term for people who pass around bits of paper in the senate.

David Carter. Former leader of the Opposition and killed in the Senate Bombing.

Tom Parker. Leader of the Conservative Party and Minority Leader in the Senate. Killed when his car was attacked by a RPG.

Tony Mattren. Former Head of the Diplomatic Service. Now in a coma.

Mike Trimble. Deputy Negotiation Diplomat of the Diplomatic Service.

Marcus Tenby. Deputy Chief Diplomat.

[edit] Military Figures

Marshall Sadner. President.

Brigadier General Tom Marfot. Ambassador to the Peace Conference after the Third Liberalian War.

Air Marshall Troner. Vice Chief of Staff and Head of the Airforce.

Admiral Wend. Vice Chief of Staff and Head of the Navy.

Lt Cols Hawks, Woodie, Porta, Vert, Condo, Zasta, Sare, Bot, Kurte, Asdre. Leaders of Army Corps.

Wing Commanders Tony, Mears, Haynes, Barter, Cond, Weder. Leaders of Air Force Squadrons.

Commodores Walt, Corder, Troy, Bonde, Rack. Leaders of the Naval Battle Groups.

Mick. Head of Sarah Quent's personal bodyguard team.

[edit] Intelligence Officials

Harry Pewed. Former Head of Curia Intel.

Mary White. Current Head of Curia Intel.

Barry Comp. Head of Curia Intel H Section.

Roy Wast. Rogue Agent in Jajiland. Died after the Caropsyne assault on Aemont Habour.

Thomas Campton (a.k.a Tom Catter). Agent in Haelhan.

Clarie. Head of the Curia office of Curia Intel

Tony. Works under Clarie in the Curia office. IT expert

Sarah. Works with Tony as technician in the Curia office.

[edit] Others

Fred Groh. Head of 3C Construction Company. Assassinated on his doorstep. His killers were never found.

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